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Faithful servants of Allah observe FRIDAY as the day of AMAAL i.e. Prayers & Supplications. They turn repentant to Allah, seek His forgiveness, look for His mercy, ask for His Blessings. Wholehearted devotion to "the Lord of the worlds" is the order of the day (Friday).

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SAWW) said:
"Allah has declared Friday 'the day of amnesty'."

Friday is a sacred day. It is full of privileges and claims. Do not let it go waste.

Hazrat Imam Ali ibn abi Talib (AS) said:
"Allah has made a choice of Friday. Its night & day are equally blessed."

Hazrat Imam Mohammed Baqir (AS) said:
"As soon as the sun sets & Friday night begins Allah asks:
'Is there a faithful servant, who, before the night ends ask for safety in the world, peace in the hereafter;
turns repentant to Me;
is distress seeks sufficient means of livelihood;
in sickness, longs for health & fitness;
in captivity, looks for freedom,
in loss, expects turn of fortune?
He gets what he wants, from Me, if he calls upon Me tonight'."

In short man is free to make lawful efforts, day in & day out, whole week, in the sphere of worldly affairs, but Friday should be set apart to turn to the creator, the almighty Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

Special prayers & supplications, taken from "Mafatihul Jinaan", & other authentic books are given hereunder, for the benefit of faithful servants of Allah.

Obligatory worship, under all circumstance, has to be attended to but special prayers & supplications are MUSTAHIB (desirable), to seek nearness to Allah.

Pray as much as you can, taking into account your strength, moral & physical, your lawful involvement into day to day life, your obligation to your family and employment etcetera, never forgetting that unto Allah is our return.

Even the minimum will benefit you beyond your expectations. What the maximum has in store is beyond our imagination.

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