Imam Ali ibn al-Hussain (AS)
The Life of Imam Zayn al-'Abidin (AS)
     NAME :   Ali
     IMAMAAT :   4th Imam from the silsila-e-Imamaat
     TITLE :   Zain-ul-Abideen ; Syed-us-Sajjideen
     FATHER :   Imam Hussain (AS) - 3rd Imam
     MOTHER :   Hazrat Bibi Sheherbano
     BIRTH DATE :   Saturday 15th Jamadi-ul-Awal 
     AGE :   58 Years
     DIED ON :   25th Moharaam
     DEATH PLACE :   Medina
     HOLY SHRINE :   Graveyard of Baqi (Janaat-ul-Baqi)
     * Ziyarat Of Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (AS) is recited specially on Tuesdays

It is a 4 Raka't Namaaz (SALAT)
(a) In each raka't recite Sooratul Faatih'ah, recite Sooratul Ikhlaas 100 times.
(b) After Salaam recite the following Dua'a:


(For Arabic Text please see "Mafateehul Jinaan")
     O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad.
     In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.
     O He Who makes known what is good & beautiful, and covers up ugliness & defects.
     O He Who does not demand submission under duress, with tying ropes and shackling chains, & does not withdraw protection.
     O Generous Pardoner!
     O Subtle Indulgent!
     O Free-handed lavish Forgiver!
     O Openhanded Merciful!
     O He Who brings every fugitive to a place of safety!
     O He the ultimate relief of every sufferer!
     O He Who overlooks, & grants amnesty!
     O He Who fulfills hopes & expectations!
     O He Who takes initiative to bestow benefits before they become due!
     O our Lord!
     O our Chief!
     O our Master!
     O Sole purpose of our love!
     O my Allah, send blessings on Mohammed & on the children of Mohammed.



 a. 22 years with his father Imam Hussain (AS)
 b. 35 years period of his own Imamate. The Tyrant rulers of his age: Nine Persons from Yazeed up to Hasham bin Abdul Malik the 10th Caliph of Bani Ommaides.

The Remained Son
     Imam Sajjad ( Ali ibn Husayn entitled Zayn al-abidin and Sajjad ) was the son of the third Imam , and his wife , the queen among women , the daughter of Yazdigird the king of Iran . He was the only son of Imam Husayn to survive, for his other three brothers Ali Akbar , aged twenty-five , five year old Ja'far and Ali Asghar ( or Abdullah ) who was a suckling baby , were martyred during the event of Karbala . The Imam had also accompanied his father on the journey that terminated fatally in Karbala, but because of severe illness and the inability to carry arms or participate in fighting he was prevented from taking part in the holy war and being martyred . So he was sent with the womenfolk to Damascus . After spending a period in imprisonment he was sent with honor to Medina because Yazid wanted to conciliate public opinion . But for a second time , by the order of the Umayyad caliph , Abd al-Malik , he was chained and sent from Medina to Damascus and then again returned to Medina.
The Lonely Imam
The fourth Imam , upon returning to Medina , retired from public life completely, closed the door of his house to strangers and spent his time in worship . He was in contact only with the elite among the Shi'ites such as Abu Hamzah Thumali , Abu Khalid Kabuli and the like . The elite disseminated among the Shi'ah the religious sciences they learned from the Imam . In this way Shi'ism spread considerably and showed its effects during the imamate of the fifth Imam . Among the works of the fourth Imam is a book called Sahifah sajjadiyah. It consists of fifty-seven prayers concerning the most sublime Divine sciences and is known as 'The Psalm of the Household of the Prophet'. The fourth Imam died ( according to some Shi'ite traditions poisoned by Walid ibn Abd al-Malik through the instigation of the Umayyad caliph Hisham ) in 95/712 after thirty-five years of imamate.

1. (Oh people) contemplate, meditate & practice for the (place, thing) that you have been created for, Allah did not at all create you in vain & useless.

2. There are three (qualities) which is present in a faithful, he is supported & backed by Allah, & Allah provides him the shade of His celestial throne & secures him from the great horror of the dooms day: the one who gives those rights to the others which he wishes & looks forwards to from the others.
And the man who does not extend his hand & does not take a step ahead till he knows (for sure) that his step is in the (direction of) obedience of Allah or in his sin.
And the person who does not find fault with his brother till he abandons that fault himself.

3. The assemblies of the pious men are the invitation to righteousness & piety.

4. Take care, not to acquire the company of foolish & witless since he wants to benefit you but harms you. (due to his stupidity).

5. Take care, not to acquire the companionship of the parsimonious & miser because he will deprive you of his wealth which you will extremely need it.

6. Take Care, not to acquire the company of the liar for he is like a mirage (deceiving). He shows you the near one as distant & the distant thing as nearby.

7. If someone abuses you (standing) on the right side & then apologizes coming over to your left side, do accept his apologies.

8. The seeing of a faithful at the face of his brother, for the sake of (his) love & affection, is a service.

9. If people knew what (brilliant result) lies in seeking knowledge they would have definitely sought it even by shedding the blood of their hearts & plunging into the depth of oceans.

10. Guard against lies, both small of it & big, in all conditions, both in seriousness & joke.

11. And the sins which are the cause of rejection of prayers are:
a. Bad intention
b. wickedness of interior
c. hypocrisy with the (religious) brother
d. disbelieving in the prayers being granted
e. Delaying the obligatory services till their time is passed
f. abandoning the achievement of proximity of Allah through favor (to people) & alm giving
g. using obscene language & abusing during conversation.

12. Be careful, about committing sin along with joy (avoid it) since the felicity of committing sin is itself a bigger sin (than the actual sin).

13. Do not step aside from abandoning the evil although you may have been recognized with it.

14. The person whose should is worthy & respectable in his eyes, the world is humble & despised in his view.

15. The best key to the matters is truth & the best termination & finalization of the matters is faithfulness, loyalty & fidelity.

16. He (P.B.U.H) was asked, " Who is most in danger?" so he said, "The one who does not regard the world dangerous for himself."

17. To lessen the demands regarding needs from others is the cash needlessness & wealth.

18. Indeed, the inner knowledge & gnosis & the zenith of religion of a Muslim is abandoning such talk which is meaningless & futile & the scarcity of his patience & fortitude & his politeness & good conduct.

19. The meeting of the righteous invites you to goodness.

20. Beware of the companionship of the sinful, and helping of the unjust.

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