NAME :   Hussain
     IMAMAAT :   3rd Imam from the silsila-e-Imamaat
     TITLE :   Syed -us- Shohada (The chief of martyrs), Aba Abdullah
     FATHER :   Imam Ali (AS) - 1st Imam
     MOTHER :   Hazrat Bibi Fatima (SA) d/o Prophet (saww)
     BIRTH DATE :   3rd Shaban 4th Hijrah in Medina 
     AGE :   57 Years
     DIED ON :   10th Moharaam (Ashura) 61 Hijrah
     DEATH PLACE :   Karbala - IRAQ
     HOLY SHRINE :   Karbala
     * Ziyarat Of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is recited specially on Mondays

It is a 4 Raka't Namaaz (SALAT)
(a) In each raka't recite Sooratul Faatih'ah 50 times and Sooratul Ikhlaas 50 times.
(b) In every Rukoo and Sajdah recite Sooratul Faatih'ah and Sooratul Ikhlaas 10 times each.
(c) After Salaam recite the following Dua'a:


(For Arabic Text please see "Mafateehul Jinaan")
     O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad.
     In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.
     Oh My Allah!
     Thou art He Who heard the paryers of Adam & Hawwaa when they said:
     "O our Lord we did not listen to the voice of our conscience.
     Now if Thou does not take a lenient view, and have mercy on us, we shall always be among the losers."
     And Nooh cried unto Thee, they Thou heard His prayer, and kept Him & His companion safe from the terrible catastrophe. Thou put out the fire set burning by Namrood, for Ibrahim, Thy friend, who came out from it hail & hearty.
     Thou art He Who heard the prayer of Ayycob, when he cried unto His Lord;
     "Truly, I am hard-pressed and cornered by losses and damages, and Thou art Most Merciful of all who show mercy."
     Then Thou dispersed hardships that were bothering him gave him back his family, and the like thereof along with them, a mercy from Thy store, and a remembrance for men of understanding.
     Thou art He Who heard the prayer of Noon (Younus), as soon as he cried unto Thee in the darkness:
     "There is no God save Thee. Be Thou glorified. Surely I have been a wrong doer."
     Then Thou saved him from the anguish.
     Thou art He Who heard the prayer of Moosaa and Haroon, when they called (unto Thee).
     "Thou said, "Your prayers is heard. You two keep to the straight path."
     Firawn (Phoroah) and his people were drowned.
     Thou had forgiven mistakes committed by Dawood, and relented towards him through Thy mercy and glory.
     Thou ransomed Ismaa-eel with a "Zibhin-Azeem" (great sacrifice), when they had both surrendered (to Allah), and he had flung him down upon his face. Then he received the news glory and relief. 
     Thou art He unto whom Zakariyya cried, a cry in secret. Saying: "My Lord! Surely my bones are weak and unsteady, my head is full of gray hair, and I have never been deprived of blessings whenever I prayed to Thee, O my Lord." Thou said: "They cried unto me in longing and in fear, and were submissive unto Me."
     Thou art He Who hears the prayer of those who believe and do good deeds, give them more and more of Thy bounties.
     So count me not among the unimportant (people) who call on and turn to Thee (in vain). Give answer to my prayer just as Thou heard the prayers of those whom Thou found worthy of Thy attention So purify me with Thy purity, listen to my prayers & supplications, and kindly accept them. Make what is left in my life pure & pleasant, and make easy for me my death, let me make amends and compensate for misdeeds.
     Protect me.
     O my Lord!
     I call upon Thee
     Make my children pure and chaste. Surround them with Thy reliable protection, to save them from all that which degrade & humiliate; children, everyone of them to be among Thy close confidants and obedient servants, through Thy mercy.
     O the Most Merciful,
     O He who watches over all things, and give answers to all those who cry unto Him;
     and is near to all those who make a request.
     I beseech Thee,
     O "There is no God save Thou,
     The ever living, The Everlasting,
     One, Independent, Who begets not nor was begotten and there is none comparable unto Him."
     In the name of all (Thy) Names, Thou employed to raise the sky, to spread out the earth, to set up the mountains, to make water run its course, to keep in control the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the night, and the days, (so that they work as Thou wills); and thus Thou brought into existence all creations.
     I beseech Thee, in the name of Thy Sublime Glory which lighted up the heaven and the earth.
     Darkness spread far & wide over them, unless "Durood" was recited for Mohammad and the children of Mohammad.
     Free me from the worries of life in this world & spare me in the other world.
     Make better all my affairs.
     Do let me rely upon my "Nafs" (source of vain desires and passion) for a flash of an eye.
     Set my affairs right, and affairs of my dependents.
     Keep away from me sorrows & poverty, make me independent.
     Give them from Thy unknown treasures.
     Multiply Thy favors that do not ever run out.
     Let my mind know for certain and stand firm so that it fills me with wisdom that makes me fit for the company of Thy servants.
     Put me among the God fearing when Thou will send the last Imam, just as Thou elected Ibrahim, the beloved one as the Imam, for certainly, with Thy consent and guidance, the chosen successful attain their end, turn repentant to Thee the penitent; worship Thee the devotees, with the help of Thy "True Path". remain upright the honest, praiseworthy & secluded worshipers, and take refuge with Thee, On account of the direction in the right way, (Thou shows) the relieved save themselves from the fire, & those who remain on guard against evil get mercy & forgiveness.
     When forsaken by Thee the tiers suffer losses, the (transgressing) oppressors are cast into Hell, the careless are neglected.
     O my Allah! Give me peace of mind (a restful soul), for Thou controls the soul, & refines him who keeps it pure.
     O my Allah! Render it clear & let it feel relieved, overfill it with wisdom & piety, bless it with inner satisfaction, through Thy mercy, when Thou stimulates it, and let it take quarters in the pleasant surroundings of the exalted sanctuary, make it noble, let it grow in substance, and develop, be kind when its turn comes to depart, & when it reaches the permanent abode, to live there forever, allow it to dwell in paradise, because Thou art its Friend, & its Master.
          O Allah! send blessings on Mohammad and on the children of Mohammad.

With the Prophet (P.B.U.H) nearly 6 years.
 b. At the service of his father Imam Ali approx 30 years.
 c. Along with his brother Imam Hasan, 10 years
 d. Period of Imamate 10 years.

     IN THE house of the Holy Prophet, which presented the best image of both the worlds - the heaven and the earth - a child who benefited humanity as if he was Divine Impression reflecting the earth, was bron on one of the nights of the month of Shaban. His father was Imam Ali, the best model of kindness towards his friends and the bravest against the enemies of Islam, and his mother was Hazrat Fatimah, the only daughter and child of the Holy prophet who had as universally acknowledged, inherited the qualities of her father.
     Imam Husayn, is the third Apostolic Imam. When the good news of his birth reached the Holy Prophet, he came to his daughter's house, took the newly-born child in his arms, recited adham and iqamah in his right and left ears respectively, and on the 7th day of his birth, after performing the rites of aqiqah, named him al-Husayn, in compliance with Allah's command. Hasan and husayn, the two sons of the Holy Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib and Hadrat Fatimah, our Lady of Light, were respected and revered as the "Leaders of the Youths of Paradise" as stated by the Holy Prophet.
     The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him and his progeny, had openly prophesied that the faith of Islam would be rescued by his second grandson Husayn, when Yazid, son of Muawiayh, would Endeavour to destroy it. Yazid was known for his devilish character and brutish conduct. He was known as the most licentious of men. The people having known and understood the character of Yazid, fromed a covenant by which Muawiyah could not appoint Yazid as his successor. This undertaking was given by Muawiyah to Imam Hasan from whom Muawiyah had snatched power. Muawiyah violated this undertaking and nominated Yazid who succeeded his father. Immediately as he came to power, Yazid began acting in full accordance with his known character. He started interfering in the fundamentals of the faith and practiced every vice and wickedness freely with the highest degree of impunity and yet held himself out as the successor of the Holy Prophet, demanding allegiance to himself as the leading guide of the faith. Paying allegiance to Yazid was nothing short of acknowledging the devil as God. If a divine personality like the Holy Imam Husayn had agreed to his authority, it would be actually recommending the devil to humanity in place of God.
     Yazid demanded allegiance from the Holy Imam Husayn, who could have never agreed to it at any cost. The people fearing death and destruction at the hands of the tyrant had yielded to him out of fear. Imam Husayn said that come whatever may, he would never yield to the devil in place of God and undo what his grandfather, the Holy Prophet had established. The refusal of the Holy Imam to pay allegiance to this fiend, marked the start of the persecution of the Holy Imam. as a result he had retired to Medina where he led a secluded life. Even here he was not allowed to live in peace, and was forced to seek refuge in Mecca where also he was badly harassed, and Yazid plotted to murder him in the very precincts of the great sanctuary of Kabah. The people of kufah getting tired of the tyrannic and satanic rule of Yazid, had written innumerable letters and sent emissaries to Imam Husayn to come over and give them guidance in faith. Although Imam Husayn knew the ultimate end of the invitations, he as the divinely chosen Imam could not refuse to give the guidance sought for.
     When the Holy Imam with his entourage had reached Karbala, his horse mysteriously stopped and would not move any further. Upon this the Holy Imam declared: "This is the land , the land of sufferings and tortures." He alighted from his horse, and ordered his followers to encamp there saying: "Here shall we be martyred and our children be killed. Here shall our tents be burned and our family arrested. This is the land about which my grandfather the Holy Prophet had foretold, and his prophecy will certainly be fulfilled." On the 7th Muharram water supply to the Imam's camp was cut and he torture of thirst and hunger started. The Holy Imam's camp consisted of ladies, innocent children including babies and some male members of the Holy Prophet's family; along with a small band of some faithful friends of Imam Husayn who had chosen to die with the Holy Imam, fighting against the devil for the cause of Allah.
The Day of Ashura ( 10th of Muharram ):
     At dawn the Imam glanced over the army of Yazid and saw Umar ibn sad ordering his forces to march towards him. He gathered his followers and addressed them thus:" Allah has, this day, permitted us for our martyrdom. So Prepare yourselves to fight against the enemies of Islam with patience and resistance. O sons of the noble and self - respecting persons, be patient! Death is nothing but a bridge which you must cross ater facing trials and tribulations so as to reach Heaven and its joys. Which of you do not like to go from this prison (world) to the lofty palaces (Paradise)?" Having heard the Imam's address, All his companions were overwhelmed and cried out ,
     " O our Master! We are all ready to defend you and your Ahlu l-bayt, and to sacrifice our lives for the cause of Islam."
Imam Husayn sent out from his camp one after another to fight and sacrifice their lives in the way of the Lord. Lastly, when all his men and children had laid down their lives, Imam Husayn brought his six- month old baby son Ali al- Asghar, and offering him on his own hands, demanded some water for the baby, dying of thirst. The thirst of the baby was quenched by a deadly poisoned arrow from the brute's forces, which pinned the baby's neck to the arm of the helpless father. At last when the six-month old baby also was killed, Imam Husayn Addressed Allah:
     "O Lord! Thy Husayn has offered in Thy way whatever Thou hath blessed him with. Bless Thy Husayn, O Lord! with the acceptance of this sacrifice. Every thing Husayn could do till now was through Thy help and by Thy Grace."
Lastly Imam Husayn came into the field and was killed, the details of which merciless slaughter are heart rending. the forces of Yazid having killed Imam Husayn, cut and severed his head from his body and raised it on a lance. The severed head of the Holy Imam began glorifying Allah from the point of the lance saying,` Allahu Akbar'.
     "All glory be to Allah Who is the Greatest!"
After the wholesale, merciless and most brutal slaughter of the Holy Imam with his faithful band, the helpless ladies and children along with the ailing son of Imam Husayn, Imam Ali Zaynu l - Abidin, were taken captives.

     Some Sayings of the Holy Prophet During his Lifetime with Reference to Imam Husayn:
1. Hasan and Husayn are the leaders of the Youths of Paradise.
2. Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn , Allah befriends those who befriend Husayn and He is the enemy of those who bear enmity to him.
3. Whoever wishes to see such a person who lives on earth but whose dignity is honoured by the Heaven dwellers, should see my grandson Husayn.
4. O my son! thy flesh is my flesh and thy blood is my blood, thou art a leader , the son of a leader and the brother of a leader; thou art a spiritual guide, the son of a spiritual guide and the brother of a spiritual guide; thou art an Apostolical Imam , the son of an Apostolical Imam and the brother of an Apostolical Imam; thou art the father of nine Immas, the ninth of whom would be the Oaim (the last infallible spiritual guide).
5. The punishment inflicted on the murderer of Husayn in Hell would be equal to half of the total punishment to be imposed on the entire sinners of the world.
6. When the Holy Prophet informed Hazrat Fatima of the Martyrdom in store for his grandson, she burst into tears and asked, "O my father! when would my son be martyred?"
"In such a critical moment," replied the Holy Prophet," When neither I nor you, nor Ali would be alive. "This accentuated her grief and she inquired again," Who then, O my father, would commemorate Husayn's martyrdom? The Holy Prophet said, "The men and the women of a particular sect of my followers, who will befriend my Ahlu l-bayt, will mourn for Husayn and commemorate his martyrdom each year in every century."

Ibn Sad narrates from ash-shabi:
Imam Ali while on his way to Siffin, passed through the desert of Karbala, there he stopped and wept very bitterly. When interrogated regarding the cause of his weeping, he commented that one day he visited the Holy Prophet and found him weeping. when he asked the Apostle of Allah as to what was the reason which made him weep, he replied, "O Ali Gabriel has just been with me and informed me that my son Husayn would be martyred in Karbala, a place near the bank of the River Euphartes. This moved me so much that I could not help weeping."
Anas ibn Harith narrates:
One day the Holy Prophet ascended the pulpit to deliver a sermon to his associates while Imam Husayn and Imam Hasan were sitting before him. When address was over, he put his left hand on Imam Husayn and raising his head towards Heaven, said:"O my lord! I am Muhammad Thy slave and Thy prophet, and these two are the distinguished and pious members of my family who would fortify my cause after me. O my Lord! Gabriel has informed me that son Husayn would be killed. O my Lord! bless my cause in recompense for Husayn's martrydom, make him the leader of the martyrs, be Thou his helper and guardian and do not bless his murderers".
Sir Muhammad Iqbla says:
Imam Husayn uprooted despotism forever till the Day of Resurrection. He watered the dry garden of freedom with the surging wave of his blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim nation. If Imam Husayn had aimed at acquiring a worldly empire, he would not have travelled the way he did ( from Medina to Karbala). Husayn weltered in blood and dust for the sake of truth. Verily he, therefore, became the bed-rock (foundation) of the Muslim creed; la ilaha illa Allah ( There is no god but Allah).
Khwaja Mu inu d-Din Chishti says:
He gave his head but did not put his hand into the hands of Yazid. Verily, Husayn is the foundation of la ilaha illa Allah. Husayn is lord and the lord of lords. Husayn himself is Islam and the shield of Islam. Though he gave his head (for Islam) but never pledged Yazid. Truly Husayn is the founder of "There is no Deity except Allah."
Brown in his A Literary of Persia Writes:
As a reminder, the blood-stained field of Karbala where the grandson of the Apostle of God fell at length, tortured by thirst and surrounded by the bodies of his murdered kinsmen, has been at any time since then sufficient to evoke, even in the most lukewarm and heedless, the deepest emotion, the most frantic grief and the exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death shrink to unconsidered trifles. Yearly, on the tenth day of Muharram, the tragedy is rehearsed in persia, in India, in Turkey, in egypt, wherever a Shiite community or colony exists
     Mola Hussain was martyred in Karbala (Iraq) at the age of 57, on friday, 10th Muharram 61 AH and buried there.

1. The one who lacked & missed you what did he find? And what is it that he lacks, the one who finds you? certainly, the one who got pleased & inclined towards other than you, came to nothingness (failed).

2. None is in peace on the resurrection day except the one who fears Allah in the world.

3. A group worships Allah for the avidity (reward of paradise) this is the service of traders & a group worships Allah due to fear (from hell & the torment of Allah) this is the service of slaves (who obey their masters being afraid of them). And a group worships Allah as thank giving, so this is the service of free man & is the superior most service (prayer).

4. One who seeks the pleasure of people by displeasing Allah. Allah makes him over to the people.

5. Take care not to maltreat (commit excess upon) anyone who does not have any helper except Allah.

6. The one who loves you forbids you (from committing evil) & the one who has enmity with you entices & allures you; (to commit evil).

7. The intellect does not achieve completion except by observance & following of the right.

8. Weeping for the fear of Allah is (causes) salvation from the fire (hell).

9. Take care, not to do anything for which you have to apologies. Because the faithful does not commit wrong (sin) & does not apologies & the hypocrite commits sin all the days & (then) extends apologies.

10. Hurrying & making haste is witlessness & insanity.

11. One of the signs of the scholar is his criticism upon his (own) speech & his awareness & knowledge pertaining to the facts about the forms & views.

12. Emulate & complete each other in achieving the human values & rush & hasten to get the spiritual treasures.

13. Whoso ever has generosity becomes the chief & that one who commits parsimony & stinginess becomes degraded & objected.

14. Most generous of the people is the one who grants to the person who does not have any expectation from him.

15. One who removes an anguish & sorrow of a faithful, Allah grants him the deliverance from the sorrow & dejections of world & the here after.

16. Whenever you hear that a person reaches for honor of the people & endeavor to dishonor the people, try hard that he does not come to know you.

17. A person asked him, "what is needlessness wealth)?" He replied, "the fewer & lesser number of your desire & your satisfaction over what can be sufficient for your life.

18. Do practice like the person who knows that he would be seized & held for committing crime & rewarded for good deed.

19. There are seventy benefactions & rewards for saluting sixty nine are for the one who initiates it & one for the replier.

20. Do not say a word about your brother in his absence which you would not like him to say during your absence.

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