NAME :   Hasan
     IMAMAAT :   2nd Imam from the silsila-e-Imamaat
     TITLE :   Mujtaba, Syedul Wasiyeen Abu Mohammed
     FATHER :   Imam Ali (AS) - 1st Imam
     MOTHER :   Hazrat Bibi Fatima (SA) d/o Prophet (saww)
     BIRTH DATE :   15th Ramadhan, 3rd year of Hijrah 
     AGE :   46 Years
     DIED ON :   28th Safar 50th Hijrah
     DEATH PLACE :   Medina
     HOLY SHRINE :   Graveyard of Baqi (Janaat-ul-Baqi) in Medina
     * Ziyarat Of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is recited specially on Mondays

It is a 4 Raka't Namaaz (SALAT)
(a) In each raka't after Sooratul Faatih'ah recite Sooratul Ikhlaas 25 times.
(b) After Salaam recite the following Dua'a:


(For Arabic Text please see "Mafateehul Jinaan")
     O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad.
     In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.
     Oh My Allah!
     I come near to Thee, towards Thy liberal beneficence and generous kindness.
     I come near to Thee, in the name of Mohammad, Thy Servant, Thy Messenger.
     I come near to Thee, in the name of Thy close Angels, and Prophets, and Messengers, that blessings are sent on Mohammad, Thy Servant and Thy Messenger, and on the children of Mohammad and that comfort and happiness are made available for me, my sins are kept hidden, and forgiven;
     my wants and needs favorably taken care of, and I am not punished for shortcomings.
     Do what is good for me for surely Thou very kindly and lovingly takes care of me.
     Certainly Thou art able to do all things.
     O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad.

 a. With Prophet (pbuh) nearly 8 years
 b. At the service of his father Imam Ali (as) 37 years approx
 c. the period of Imamate 10 years. 

The Son of the Prophet
Imam Hasan Mujtaba upon whom be peace was the second Imam. He and his brother Imam Husayn were the two sons of Amir al-mu'minin Ali and Hazrat Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet. Many times the Prophet had said,
     "Hasan and Husayn are my children". Because of these same words Ali would say to his other children, "You are my children and Hasan and Husayn are the children of the Prophet."
     Imam Hasan was born in the year 3 A.H. in Medina and shared in the life of the Prophet for somewhat over seven years, growing up during that time under his loving care. After the death of the Prophet which was no more than three, or according to some, six months earlier than the death of Hazrat Fatimah, Hasan was placed directly under the care of his noble father.
Imam Hasan and Mu'awiyah
After the death of his father, through Divine Command and according to the will of his father, Imam Hasan became Imam; he also occupied the outward function of caliph for about six months, during which time he administered the affairs of the Muslims. During that time Mu'awiyah, who was a bitter enemy of Ali and his family and had fought for years with the ambition of capturing the caliphate, first on the pretext of avenging the death of the third caliph and finally with an open claim to the caliphate, marched his army into Iraq, the seat of Imam Hasan's caliphate. War ensued during which Mu'awiyah gradually subverted the generals and commanders of Imam Hasan's army with large sums of money and deceiving promises until the army rebelled against Imam Hasan. Finally, the Imam was forced to make peace and to yield the caliphate to Mu'awiyah, provided it would again return to Imam Hasan after Mu'awiyah's death and the Imam's household and partisans would be protected in every way. In this way Mu'awiyah captured the Islamic caliphate and entered Iraq. In a public he officially made null and void all the peace conditions and in every way possible placed the severest pressure upon the members of the Household of the Prophet and the Shi'ah. During all the ten years of his imamate, Imam Hasan lived in conditions of extreme hardship and under persecution, with no security even in his own house. In the year 50 A.H. he was poisoned and martyred by one of his own household who, as has been accounted by historians, had been motivated by Mu'awiyah.
Imam Hasan's Character
In human perfection Imam Hasan was reminiscent of his father and a perfect example of his noble grandfather. In fact, as long as the prophet was alive, he and his brother were always in the company of the Prophet who even sometimes would carry them on his shoulders. Both Sunni and Shi'ite sources have transmitted this saying of the Holy Prophet concerning Hasan and Husayn: "These two children of mine are Imams whether they stand up or sit down" (allusion to whether they occupy the external function of caliphate or not).

1. He describing the virtues of a pious companion said, "He was greater than the other people in my eyes. The loftiest virtue which had made him great in my eyes (opinion, view) is that the world was small (valueless) in his eyes. 
He had attained freedom from the domination of ignorance. And never begged from anyone, except the trustworthy person, for a benefit.
He did not complain & did not get enraged & furious & was not put out of patience. (by weariness or annoyance). Most of the times he remained silent but when he opened up his lips to talk he would be at the zenith of all the speakers. He was weak & feeble but when it came to struggle & strife he was a fierce lion. He was more inclined to lend ear in the gathering of scholars than talk.
If someone overcame him in speech, no one could overcome him in silence. He never said what he did not practice (but) practiced what he did not say. When he was confronted with two matters that he did not know which one of these was nearer to Allah, then he would see which of those was nearer to his desire so he would oppose it.

2. A person asked him, "what is Fear?" He said, "to have courage upon friend & recoiling from the enemy".

3. Oh my son! do not become the companion of anyone (& don't befriend) but when you come to know about the places he comes & goes to (visits). And after you have minutely observed (his character) & got pleased with his association & social conduct then acquire his company; on the basis of forgiving the faults & (extending) consolation during the hardships.

4. The most sighting eye is the one which penetrates (views) into the blessings & beneficences. And the most auditory ear is the one which takes in (comprehends & retains) admonition, & gets benefited by it. The healthiest of hearts is the heart which is pure from doubts.

5. Do not make haste in punishing the sinner for his sin & let a way (passage) between the two (fault & punishment) excuse & apology.

6. All the beneficences of both the worlds come to the hand & are achieved by the mind (wits).

7. There is not poverty like the ignorance.

8. Teach others your knowledge & learn the knowledge of others so you will bring your knowledge to perfection & learn something which you do not know.

9. A person asked him, "What is generosity & magnanimity" He replied, To secure & protect the religion, & respecting one's soul, (self respect) and softness of conduct (gentleness in behavior) & permanency of favor & kindness & the discharging of rights.

10. Nice conduct & behavior with people is the height of intelligence & wits.

11. A man asked him, "what is munificence & bounty?" He replied, "to begin with granting before being asked for".

12. There is a distance of four fingers between the right & falsehood (eyes & ears). What you saw with your eyes that is right. And you have heard plenty number of false & untrue things through your ears.

13. Who ever loves the world (material) the fear of hereafter gets out (finishes) from his heart.

14. Ignorant is the one who is foolish about his wealth. (regarding spending it). who is slack & negligent about his honor, when he is abused & reviled, he does not respond.

15. Good deed is the one before which there is no evading & delaying & there is no boasting of favor, after it.

16. The annihilation of people lies in three things Arrogance, greed & jealousy. Arrogance is the cause of destruction & annihilation of religion & satan was cursed due to it. And greed is the enemy of soul & Adam was expelled by it from the paradise & jealousy is the guide to wickedness for the same reason Qabil (Kane) killed Habil (Abel).

17. It is for you to ponder because it is the (source of the) life of visionist's heart.

18. Leisure swiftly passes on & the return to it is very slow.

19. Associate with & treat the people in a way as you like to get associated & treated by them.

20. When the desirable & commendable services damage & harm the obligatory services, abandon them.

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