Imam Hassan ibn Ali (AS)
The Life of Imam al-Hasan al-Askari (AS)
     NAME :   Hasan
     IMAMAAT :   11th Imam from the Silsila-e-Imamaat
     TITLE :   Askari
     FATHER :   Imam Ali-un-Naqi (AS)-10th Imam
     MOTHER :   Hazrat Bibi Saleel
     BIRTH DATE :   8th Rabi-us-Sani or 24th Rabi-ul-Awal, 232 Hijrah 
     AGE :   28 Years
     DIED ON :   8th Rabi-ul-Awal 260 Hijrah
     DEATH PLACE :   Iraq
     HOLY SHRINE :   Samarra IRAQ
     * Ziyarat Of Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari (AS) is recited specially on Thursdays

It is a 4 Raka't Namaaz (SALAT)
(a) In first raka't, recitation of Sooratul Faatih'ah, recite Sooratul Zilzaal 15 times.
(b) In second raka't, after Sooratul Faatih'ah, recite Sooratul Ikhlaas 15 times.
(c) After Salaam recite the following Dua'a:


(For Arabic Text please see "Mafateehul Jinaan")
     O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad.
     In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.
     O my Allah!
     I beseech Thee, because (all) praise is for Thee,
     There is no God except Thou, the ever Foremost First, before all things, and Thou art Ever living Everlasting,
     There is no God except Thou, nothing can sneak away from Thee, Thou, at all times exercises universal authority.
     There is no God except Thou, Creator of that which is seen, & that which is not seen, fully aware of all things, not needing any source of information.
     I beseech Thee, in the name of the benefits Thou distributes freely, & the bounties Thou bestow generously, (referring to the fact that) certainly Thou art Allah, the One & the Only Lord,
     There is no God except Thou, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
     And I Beseech Thee, (with sure belief that) Thou art Allah, There is no God except Thou, the Single Unique, the One & Ever-Independent, Who gives birth to no one, nor anyone gave birth to Him & there is none comparable (or like) unto Him
     And I beseech Thee, (with sure belief that), There is no God except Thou, The Subtle, The All Aware, Vigilant and Enduring over every soul, so that it earns the daily bread & gather knowledge, the Preserver, the Protector.
     And I beseech Thee, (with sure belief that) Thou art Allah, the Ever-Foremost, before existence of all things, The Ever-Lasting, after all things disappear, Who penetrates the heart of everything, the Punisher, the Rewarder, the Wise, the All-Knowing.
     And I beseech Thee, (with sure belief that), Thou art Allah, there is no God except Thou, the Ever-living, the Ever-Lasting, the Cause, the Inheritance, the Compassionate, the Benefactor, Creator of the heavens & the earth, the Majestic Lord, the Loving Lord,
     The Generous Lord,
     The Honorable Lord,
     The Sovereign Lord,
     There is no God except Thou, Thy wisdom surrounds everything, & keeps count of all things,
     Send blessings on Mohammed & on the children of Mohammed.

 a. Before Imamate 22 years from 232 to 245 Hijrah.
 b. After Imamate 6 years 254 to 260 Hijrah. He was constantly & permanently under observation in the prison of the devils of his age & was finally brutally martyred by poison.

     Imam Hasan al-`Askari spent twenty-two years of his life under the patronage of his father , Imam `Ali al-Hadi (an-Naqi) after whose martyrdom he became his divinely commissioned Imam. Imam Hasan ibn `Ali al-`Askari , the son of the Tenth Imam , was born in 232/845 and according to some Shi`ite sources was poisoned and killed in 260/872 through the instigation of the `Abbasid caliph al-Mu`tamid. The Eleventh Imam gained the Imamate , after the death of his noble father , through Divine Command and through the decree of the previous Imams.
     During the seven years of his Imamate , due to untold restrictions placed upon him by the caliphate , he lived in hiding and dissimulation (taqiyyah). He did not have any social contact with even the common people among the Shi'ites population. Only the elite of the Shia were able to see him. Even so , he spent most of his time in prison. There was extreme repression at that time because the Shi'ites population had reached a considerable level in both numbers and power. Everyone know that the Shia believed in the Imamate , and the identity of the Shi'ites Imams was also known. Therefore , the caliphate kept the Imams under its close supervision more than ever before. It tried through every possible means and through secret plans to remove and destroy them. Also , the caliphate had come to know that the elite among the Shia believed that the Eleventh Imam , according to traditions cited by him as well as his , forefathers , would have a son who was the promised Mahdi. The coming of the Mahdi had been foretold in authenticated hadith of the Prophet in both Sunni and Shi'ites sources. For this reason the Eleventh Imam , more than other Imams , was kept under close watch by the caliphate. The caliph of the time had decided definitely to put an end to the Imamate in Shi`ism through every possible means and to close the door to the Imamate once and for all. Therefore , as soon as the news of the illness of the Eleventh Imam reached al-Mu`tamid , he sent a physician and a few of his trusted agents and judges to the house of the Imam to be with him and observe his condition and the situation within his house at all times. After the death of the Imam , they had the house investigated and all his female slaves examined by the midwife.
     For two years the secret agents of the caliph searched for the successor of the Imam until they lost all hope. The Eleventh Imam was buried in his house in Samarra' next to his noble father.

* Generosity has a limit, which when crossed becomes extravagance.
* Caution has a limit which when crossed becomes cowardice.
* Thriftiness has a limit, which when crossed becomes miserliness.
* Courage has a limit, which when crossed becomes fool-hardiness.

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